Is it possible that a Jewish prophet, seven centuries before Christ, received by revelation and disclosed the principle that governs the creation of the heavens and the earth Gn1:1: the code that underpins in every tiny detail all that transpires under the sun Ec5:18?


The ultimate context of life

        A major theological puzzle in my life, the precise meaning of the beginning in Genesis 1:1, was resolved by an application of the Yahweh Creativity Principle specified in Isaiah 55:10-11. 
        If the Concordant Publishing Concern translation of Genesis 1:1 is correct, the heavens and the earth were created in a beginning: In a beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth Gn1:1.

        Where then in the Bible do we read about the beginning?
        The apostle John, reaching back in time and beyond, gives us the beginning: In the beginning was the word, and the word was toward God, and God was the word Jn1:1.

        Yet, if Yahweh Creativity Principle is the governing principle behind the creation, even the apostle John is not talking about the precise Bible beginning.
        The ultimate Bible beginning is revealed by the prophet Isaiah. — 
According to Isaiah 55:10-11, before the word Jn1:1 that created the heavens and the earth Gn1:1 was spoken, there was an uncreated silence—the ultimate context of human life.


The downpour descends and the snow from the heavens

        A rain and snow pattern based on a cycle in nature (I call it the Rain and Snow Cycle) is introduced in Isaiah 55:10.
        10 For just as the downpour descends and the snow from the heavens, Yet it does not return there [empty Is55:11], But rather it soaks the earth And causes it to bear and sprout, And it gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. Is55:10

        The Rain and Snow Cycle has five phases.

Phase 1  the heavens Is55:10
Phase 2  the downpour descends and the snow Is55:10
Phase 3  it soaks the earth And causes it to bear and sprout,
              And it gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater Is55:10
Phase 4  return Is55:10
Phase 5  the heavens Is55:10 [implied]

        This cycle, by the way, is universal. It is operating all over the earth. No human escapes its voice Ps19:4.


My word shall go forth and return to Me

        Yahweh Creativity Principle flows out the Rain and Snow Cycle.
        So shall My word be that shall go forth from My [Yahweh Is55:8] mouth; It shall not return to Me empty, But rather it does what I desire And prospers in that for which I sent it. Is55:11
        It too has five phases. An initial state of silence, preceding Yahweh Elohim mouth Is55:11 activity, is implied.

Phase 1  Yahweh Is55:8 — silent Ps50:3,21
    Phase 2  My word … shall go forth from My mouth Is55:11
          Phase 3  My word … does what I desire Is55:11
    Phase 4  My word … shall … return to Me Is55:11
Phase 5  Yahweh Is55:8 secret Dn2:18-19,27-30,47

        Let us observe that the cycle is not complete until the return Is55:11 of the word Is55:11 to Yahweh Is45:6-8. There is a going forth phase and there is a return phase.
        Yahweh is overwhelmingly the central figure.