As applied in everyday events on the earth, Yahweh Creativity Principle was well known at the time of Jesus Christ (even to the gentiles) in say the word Mt8:8 form.
        And answering, the centurion averred, “Lord, I am not competent that Thou mayest enter under my roof, but only say the word and my boy will be healed!” Mt8:8 

        The Roman centurion did not doubt the power of the the word Mt8:8 to accomplish mighty things on the earth and benefited correspondingly. 
        However, our focus is on the capacity of the Yahweh Creativity Principle word Is55:11 to create a cosmos.


Old Testament Mindset

        Can God use Logos word Is55:11 to create a cosmos? If Isaiah 45:12 and Psalm 33:1-11 are representative of the Old Testament mindset, the answer is a resounding, Yes!

        In the first text, the same Yahweh that declared, My word does what I desire Is55:11, asserts, I Myself made the earth And created [like one of Us Gn3:22] humanity on it Is45:12

        In the second, the psalmist encourages us to Be jubilant Ps33:1, to Acclaim Yahweh on a harp Ps33:2 and to Sing to Him a new song Ps33:3For upright is the word of Yahweh, And all His work is in faithfulness Ps33:4.
        Then, echoing say the word Mt8:8 principle, David tells how the heavens and the earth were made. By the word of Yahweh, the heavens were made, And by the spirit of His mouth, all their host Ps33:6. For He spoke, and it came to be; He enjoined, and it stood firm. Ps33:9

        The parallel with the Yahweh Creativity Principle is striking.

Phase 1—Acclaim Yahweh on a harp Ps33:2.
    Phase 2—Upright is the word of Yahweh Ps33:4
                    By the word of Yahweh… Ps33:6
        Phase 3—He spoke, and it came to be Ps33:9:
                        the heavens Ps33:6 and all their host Ps33:6.

        My conclusion is that the Old Testament writers believed in and were guided by the say the word principle as a most fundamental law in their description of the creation story.
        Therefore, as far as The Ultimate Context is concerned, not only the events on the earth Gn1:1 but the existence of the heavens Dt10:14 is the result of the Yahweh Creativity Principle!

The evangel of Jesus Christ, Son of God

        The Ultimate Context of the evangel of Jesus Christ, Son of God Mk1:1the evangel of the untraceable riches of Jesus Christ to the nations Ep3:8—flows out of the Yahweh Creativity Principle. It consists of the five suitably named graphical symbols, corresponding to the five phases of the Yahweh Creativity Principle.

The Ultimate Context table

        In The Ultimate Context setting, the creation of time, space and matter (the heavens and the earth Gn1:1) and the making of humanity in Our image and according to Our likeness Gn1:26 is represented by the Phase 3 Cosmos and the arrowed ellipse graphic. I call the heavens and the earth Gn1:1 Southern Cross Cosmos, symbolizing the Australian night sky and the Cross of Jesus Christ.

        Heart symbols in the vertical (upright) and horizontal (humble) orientations in the other four phases are graphical representations of the divine domain—an uncreated, invisible Co1:16, incorruptible Rm1:23, spirit Jn4:24 world of the heart.