Why should a Christian embrace The Ultimate Context?

        Simple answer is theodicy—the vindication of divine providence in view of the existence of evil.
        At stake is the notion of the Bible as conceptually one book—a God inspired, one creation story from Genesis to Revelation—in the context of three beginnings. 


One Blueprint

        In the divine milieu of three distinct, context-setting beginnings, The Ultimate Context presents one Bible narrative with one blueprint that never went missing. 

        Phase 3: Creation Beginning
        In a beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth Gn1:1. — That is merely the beginning of the manifestation phase of the project. The all important divine plan Jb42:2 and designs Ps92:5 precede it.

        Phase 2: Covenant Beginning
        In the beginning was the word, and the word was toward God, and God was the word Jn1:1 is a glimpse into the divine fellowship of the Father and … His Son, Jesus Christ 1Jn1:3 before the creation of the world Jn17:24, Ep1:4, 1P1:20 NIV.
        With the words, Let Us make humanity in Our image Gn1:26 the blood covenant agreement between the Father and … Son 1Jn1:3 is cut. 

        Phase 1: Uncreated Beginning
        “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” is saying the Lord God, Who is and Who was and Who is coming, the Almighty Rv1:8 is a reference to the ultimate Bible singularity, the source: the one God and Father of all, Who is over all and through all and in all 1C15:24 .
        Simply put, God 1C15:24 is All 1C15:28 there is … in The Ultimate Context Phase 1. 

        Christian theodicy, thus, has three beginnings.
        First, there is an uncreated source beginning; second, a covenant fellowship beginning; and only after this all important philosophical and theological setting, third, we encounter the creation manifestation beginning.


One theodicy

        Is there any other way for a Christian to ponder the existence of the Southern Cross Cosmos, other than through the Yahweh Creativity Principle prism?!

        If it is true that the creation of humanity in Our image Gn1:26 is a single project, in The Ultimate Context we have the key to one Bible voice Ps19:4, a consistent answer to many an otherwise unanswered question about the presence of evil Gn3:22 and an overview of the full evangel Mk1:1.
        Of the three, the presence of evil is most fundamental.
        The setting is much bigger than a race on an odd Milky Way planet solving the enigma of evil in the equation of finite human life.
        The cloud is over Romans 1 God Ro1:19 having a plan from the beginning and revealing it to us, progressively. It is not good enough for God to repent and correct His ways once He is cornered. He has to account for the past, the present and the future, equally.
        Unless we as Christians come to grips with this challenge, in a philosophical setting first, our intellectual credibility will continue to erode despite stalwart rearguard actions of our apologists. 

        We have to face this challenge head on.

        In The Ultimate Context setting we have a panorama opening before us that fully vindicates the ways of Yahweh Ps18:21 in the face of evil Gn3:5. It is a spectacle comparable to Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew observing for the first time, Earth rising above the moon horizon.
        Similarly, in feline Joy—
        We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise. Rm5:2 MSG


Pending complete revelation

        As an instalment of the pending complete revelation of the mystery Ep3:9, the Lord God, Who is and Who was and Who is coming, the Almighty Rv1:8 chose to reveal to humanity His invisible attributes … His imperceptible power and divinity Rm1:20 by reference to a natural cycle on this planet, illustrating the way He enacts His irresistibly loving and absolutely free and sovereign will in the creation of our cosmos and our unique race.

        It must be stressed, however, that what Yahweh did communicate to us in this analogy is couched in a language of our PCD limited understanding. We should never equate our understanding of the infinite, uncreated God, however spiritual we may deem ourselves, with the ultimate truth that transcends our finite, created perceptions, for at present we are observing by means of a mirror, in an enigma 1C13:12

        Hence, the invitation to join and humbly participate in this project … to His glory Ps96:3.

        If Yahweh Creativity Principle can make the Bible speak with one voice and if it can provide a solid foundation for Christian theodicy, we have a good start.