According to 1 Thessalonians 5:23, for God to sanctify humanity wholly, our spirit and soul
and body
1Th5:23 will have to be blameless in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ! 1Th5:23 
        Now may the God of peace Himself be hallowing [sanctifying] you wholly; and may your unimpaired spirit and soul and body be kept blameless in the presence of our Lord Jesus

        The target is an unimpaired spirit and soul and body 1Th5:23.

        According to The Ultimate Context, the impair is a barrier in the shape of a curtain Ex39:35 — for the curtain will separate for you between the holy place and the holy of holies Ex26:33.
        The Bible invitation is to remove the impediment and witness the flow of the divine life from the holy of holies Ex26:33 (the spirit) into the holy place Ex26:33 (the soul) and into the court of the tabernacle Ex27:9 (the body) which is visible by and interacts with the daylight world.

        That invitation is a testable proposition—comparable, for example, to the current dark matter proposals—as is the notion that the Bible is conceptually one book. 


Adamah Humanity

        The spirit and soul and body 1Th5:23 order is reversed in The Ultimate Context one Bible, one blueprint, one creation story where we start with the body, move to the soul and conclude with the spirit.
        The relative significance that the Bible attaches to the body may be gauged by the number of chapters allocated to it. About one.

        The body stage of the creation begins with Genesis 1:1 (the creation of the adamah (dust) cosmos) and ends with Genesis 2:7a shaping of the Adamah man: Yahweh Elohim formed the human [physical body] out of soil from the ground Gn2:7.


Amoral Humanity

        The evil-innocent soul receives much greater attention in the Bible. About two chapters are allocated to it.
        The soul stage of the creation begins with Genesis 2:7b (the making of a living soul Gn2:7) and ends with Genesis 3:24 (knowing good and evil Gn3:22, male and female Gn1:27 humanity). 

        The soul, as magnificent a creation as it was in its evil-naive state, was but an amoral shadow of its artless for evil Rm16:19 ultimate destiny.

Immoral to Moral Process

        The rest of the Bible, in all 1186 chapters, is preoccupied with the spirit Jn4:24 image of a cannot be tempted with evil Ja1:13 KJV God—the ultimate target of the Bible creation process.
        The moral phase of creation is still in progress.

        The opportunity to conquer evil with good Rm12:21 is the essence of this stage of creation. That which the One, Elohim, does from the beginning to the terminus Ec3:11—before the fall and after—has one loving hub: you are tailor-made to defeat evil with good Rm12:21 CEV.
        What Yahweh Elohim intended in the garden, before the human ate from the only [forbidden] tree Gn3:11 in the midst of the garden Gn3:2, Yahweh Elohim intends outside the garden: conquer evil with good Rm12:21

        Clearly, Adam and Eve were tempted with evil Ja1:13 KJV.

        The three essential junctures of the moral development are summed by the know, conquer, become maxim. Each relates to evil.

1/ Know        good and evil Gn3:22.
2/ Conquer   evil with good Rm12:21.
3/ Become     impervious to evil Ja1:13 MSG—like your Father … in the heavens Mt6:9.

        The Bible wreath of life Rv2:10 is laureled with cannot be tempted with evil Ja1:13 KJV insignia. 

        The big question is—does the Bible tell us how God will accomplish His blueprint plan for humanity? The answer leads us back to Isaiah 55 and the heart of The Ultimate Context