This website is part of a project: The Ultimate Context of the evangel of Jesus Christ, Son of God Mk1:1the evangel of the untraceable riches of Jesus Christ to the nations Ep3:8.
        The cornerstone of the project is Yahweh Creativity Principle found in Isaiah 55.

        If you see the designated Son of God Rm1:4 in Isaiah 55:10-11, you qualify to join and contribute—should you so desire. 
        Ideally, your journey in The Ultimate Context should begin with a conviction that Jesus Christ, long before He was born, was prophetically identified as the Lamb of God Which is taking away the sin of the world Jn1:29
        The journey itself should lead you to another conviction. 

        The God of the Bible is not following Creation Plan B!

        The Artificer and Architect Hb11:10 of the heavens and the earth Gn1:1 did not stumble in the garden of Eden Gn3:24. Yahweh, Creator of the ends of the earth Is40:28, was not cornered into the present circumstances.
        On the contrary, God’s primordial designs Is55:8 are intact for the laud of His glory Ep1:12. Yahweh’s original desire Is55:11, in an affirmation of His loving will and sovereign control, stands firm Ps33:9.
        What God planned in the timeless beginning, before the creation, Yahweh — Who does not alterMa3:6 — is implementing now and will follow until the end: His one and wise design, Creation Plan A.



        Have you ever read a Christian book, heard a Christian sermon or engaged in a dialogue with a Christian who did not assume, implicitly or explicitly, that something went wrong in the beginning of God’s creation?
        If you have, you are one of the precious few. If not, why not?
Does the Bible teach that things go wrong in God’s plans?
        Does the Christian good news begin with an even bigger bad news that forever and ever and ever and ever … celebrates God’s foresight incompetence? Is it compulsory to start the Christian journey with a ‘mishap in the garden’ assumption and a Dawkinsian blind-faith promise to never question it?

        Or, are we simply reading into the millennia old Bible narrative our own projections of God?


In Religious Robes

        The notion that God had to resort to Plan B is, I believe, the opening salvo in the war between design and chance. It is the ultimate origin of the theory of evolution: a pious robe of an age old irreverence and injustice of men who are retaining the truth in injustice Rm1:19, who offer divine service to the creature rather than Creator Rm1:25.
         I believe C. S. Lewis spoke insightfully when he wrote in his book A Grief Observed: “Heaven will solve our problems, but not, I think, by showing us subtle reconciliations between all our apparently contradictory notions. The notions will all be knocked from under our feet. We shall see that there never really was any problem.”

        Is it true that from God’s perspective, there never really was any problem? 


The Original Yahweh Design

        Based on a fundamental reinterpretation of the first three chapters of the Bible in the light of Yahweh Creativity Principle found in Isaiah 55:10-11, The Ultimate Context rejects all Christian or non-Christian, theistic or atheistic versions of chance or any uncertainty principle circumventing God’s creation plans, and suggests that there never was any mishap or problem in God’s garden atelier.
        Present suffering 1P5:10, spanning the present wicked eon Ga1:4 is but a passing phase of a fully certain and loving Creation Plan A project of becoming like one of Us Gn3:22.