Sadly, or perhaps gladly, The Ultimate Context has a context of its own. It is an average human being in an agnostic stance toward the notion of God, pondering what life is all about.
        As it turns out, I am that human being, undergoing an experience of evil Ec1:13My disquieting thoughts Ps94:19 during the present wicked eon Ga1:4 are just about all I have, to start with.


An 8×8 Squares Chess Board

        Let us define Present Conceptual Domain (PCD) as all human thoughts, concepts and notions, currently. By currently I mean concepts and notions introduced in the recorded history of human race. The Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary, with more than 171,000 words in current use, is a rough sum of the PCD.
        As a rule of thumb, let us equate PCD with a game of chess played on a 64-square chess board. 
        It is not hard to see that a conceptual domain is not a static or a rigid edifice. The vocabulary of a primitive tribe may contain less than one thousand words, but in one thousand years, at the present rate of growth, humanity could have a significantly different conceptual domain.


A 64×64 Squares Chess Board

        Let us define Future Conceptual Domain (FCD) as all future human thoughts, concepts and notions.
        It is not an easy proposition to conceive the kind of life being lived and the questions asked by a human being that has one thousand times bigger conceptual domain than our own. However rich an imagination we may have, quantitative and qualitative differences arising in such a potential future world are not easy to plot. Beyond postulating and providing broad brushstrokes we have to admit that we have reached a limit and are strangers to such a world.

        Yet, even though it may be hard for us to fathom the depths of such a world, it does not mean that it does not already exist or that it is impossible.
        The prophet Isaiah had no doubts about the existence of such a world when he put these words into the mouth of Yahweh —

8 For My designs are not your [current] designs,
And your ways [of thinking] are not My ways, averring is Yahweh.
9 For as the heavens are loftier than the earth,
So are My ways loftier than your [present] ways,
And My [unlimited] designs than your [limited] designs. Is55:8-9

        Just because it is hard for me to find a better chess move in a particular chess position, as I have proved many a time, it does not mean that it does not exist. All it takes is a chess master or an eleven year old chess prodigy to make the move before my physical eyes, and lo, my spirit eyes open to a potential FCD unfolding on a 4096-square chess board.
        And where does one stop?
        Is there a final conceptual domain beyond which humanity cannot currently, for whatever reason, go beyond?


An Infinite Chess Board

        For philosophical, theological or mathematical purposes, I have defined a Divine Conceptual Domain (DCD) that embraces beyond finite options. Unlike PCD, it is an unlimited conceptual domain belonging to an uncreated order.
        As a rule of thumb, let us equate DCD with a game of chess played on a board of an infinite number of squares.

        Does such a domain, from a PCD perspective, place a limit on potential human growth? I do not think so. However, for practical purposes, it may as well do so. It is so far removed from us and so unreal, that preoccupation with it may well prove to be a hindrance to our PCD creative flow.
        Hence, pragmatically, I treat DCD as the present limit of human imagination.