Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If a kernel of grain, falling into the earth, should not be dying, it is remaining alone, yet if it should be dying, it is bringing forth much fruit. Jn12:24

        Like a guided missile, in The Ultimate Context setting, God’s focus is on the desired end product: the unveiling of the sons of God Rm8:19 in Our image and according to Our likeness Gn1:26.
        However, Jesus, a son of Joseph, from Nazareth Jn1:45 as a kernel of grain Jn12:24 must, first, be falling into the earth Jn12:24. As the seed Lk8:11, by dying Jn12:24the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth of Galilee Mt21:11 will be bringing forth much fruit Jn12:24for the laud of the glory of His grace Ep1:6, according to the purpose of the One Who is operating all in accord to the counsel of His will Ep1:11

        In line with the Yahweh Creativity Principle, these are the main events taking place in the five phases of The Ultimate Context, all predicated by the word Is55:11, as a kernel of grain Jn12:24, not remaining alone Jn12:24.


At rest, silent Yahweh

        In Phase 1, the heavens Is55:10 is a metaphor for Yahweh Is55:8.

        At this stage, before the word Is 55:11 is spoken, Yahweh is at rest and is All 1C15:28 in an invisible to five senses, uncreated, incorruptible, spirit universe. Time, space and cosmic dust do not exist, except as a notion in the heart of the Creator Is45:7
        With the word Is 55:11 of His mouth Is55:11, Yahweh Is55:8 Alpha Rv1:8 interrupts primordial silence and initiates the creation process.


My word shall go forth

        In Phase 2, the downpour descends and the snow Is55:10 equates to My word … shall go forth from My mouth Is55:11.

        Here, the word Is55:11—as the Alpha Rv1:8 Word of God Rv19:13—goes forth Is55:11 to accomplish Yahweh Is55:8 Alpha Rv1:8 desire Is55:11.
        Yahweh Alpha and Alpha Word agree to create an unprecedented race: a knowing good and evil Gn3:22 humanity in Our [knowing good and evil Gn3:22] image and according to Our [cannot be tempted by evil Ja1:13 NKJV] likeness Gn1:26
In the setting of John 1:1-3, the Lambkin Rv13:8 blood covenant is sealed. I call it the Genesis 1:26 Eonian Council Covenant.


My word does what I desire

        In Phase 3, it soaks the earth And causes it to bear and sprout, And it gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater Is55:10 represents My word … does what I desire Is55:11 in the heavens and the earth Gn1:1.

        Here, in the Southern Cross Cosmos realm of time, space and dust energy, the desire Is55:11 of El Who-Suffices Ex6:2 for the manifestation of the impervious to evil Ja1:13 MSG sons of God Rm8:19—who have conquered evil with good Rm12:21—is being accomplished.


My word shall return to Me

        In Phase 4, return Is55:10 equates to My word … shall … return to Me Is55:11—after it prospers in that for which I sent it Is55:11.

        After merciful to all Rm11:32 Yahweh Alpha desire Is55:11 for a cannot be tempted by evil Ja1:13 NKJV offspring is fully and successfully consummated, the seed Lk8:11 word Is55:11—as the Omega Rv1:8 Word of God Rv19:13—will return Is55:11 in (what I call) the Eonian Son Submission setting of 1 Corinthians 15:24-28: a triumphal event of sublime proportions equating to just as I have meant Is14:24 victory of My Faithful Rv1:5 Word Jn1:14.


At rest, mysterious Yahweh

        In Phase 5, this time, the heavens Is55:10 stands for Yahweh Is45:8 Omega Rv1:8: the God and Father Rv1:6the Lord God, Who is and Who was and Who is coming, the Almighty Rv1:8

        The Southern Cross Cosmos cycle of Yahweh creative deeds concludes with Yahweh Omega as All in all 1C15:28 humanity Gn1:26 and the resumption of the eternally mysterious uncreated silence.